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Equipment Advice
Making the right choice for the right bicycle to match the discipline or event is vital. This will depend on many factors and a need to look long term with consideration on your budget, goals, fitness level, and experience all in the mix. The right clothing and accessories for all seasons  of the year are also critical to enjoyment, comfort and performance.
Guided Rides
Safe, fun and picturesque. We will take you on the quieter roads around the Milton Keynes and surrounding countryside. Probably roads you never knew existed, with hills that hurt. We will pass on the cycle code of the roads and tips to fix, repair, and maintain your equipment all adding to a more pleasurable experience.
Bike set up - Position
With our relationship with all3motion, we can provide you with the optimum efficient position or a balance between comfort and performance. The body often takes time to adjust to the cycle position and there is a period of pleasure and then pain to overcome, we can help reduce this period (we understand the bike we understand human anatomy).
Tap into our 25 years of multisport experience and knowledge and we can develop a personal training plan for your specific requirements (Triathlon, Duathlon, Cycling, Sportive, and Time Trial). With focus and the believe that it is never too late to get active and get fit.
Maximise your potential
Making the most of what you got, or turning you into a fine tuned athlete we have the skill set, working on your weaknesses and building on your strengths with the right level of detail we can help you achieve individual or team goals, ready on time for the challenge.
Under estimated and often overlooked! What you eat fuels you and effects performance of the body and mind, It’s not about diet it’s about planning preparation and eating the right nutritional food at the right time, avoid the highs and lows with  a regular eating regime that will boost performance and avoid the BONK* with nutrition for sport nutrition for life.
Ride with Style
Look like, feel like a professional.
*BONK term used when your energy levels depleted and there is no longer sufficient fuel to move the pedals “pedalling squares”. You slow down, your backaches, you just want to stop, and get home. Love it!
Releaf pro cycling Kit
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Releaf Cycle Kit
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A domestique is a road bicycle rider who works solely for the benefit of his team, leader and others. The French domestique translates as "servant", unique among athletes. The word was coined in 1911, although such riders had existed before then. The domestique's own performance is considered unimportant as long as they help the leader or team achieve a better position in the race. Fetching water bottles, food and clothing from team car. Protecting team mates from the elements wind and rain, pacing up hill or to the finish line are some of the duties.