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 Sports Massage

Sports Massage Therapy is the perfect way for any active person who seeks muscular recovery

and intensive massage. Concentrating on specific areas of the body sports massage is ideal

for recreational lifestyles to relieve discomfort or pain from general tiredness and extensive activity.

  Sports massage can be performed to focus on individual or affected muscle groups or areas, such as

the legs.  It is often the case that someone has a recurring area of the body that needs special

attention and relief, shoulders, neck or calf muscles are common.

Sports massage can be applied to assist in preparation for the next event or on a more regular basis to protect and ensure longevity and stimulate muscle response to help repair and reduce potential injury.

 Massage of this nature should be part of the regular training plan as it assists adaption to training load

Relax - Recover - Perform

Sports massage is good for treatment of injuries, chronic pain, restricted range of motion.

Relax & Recover
Early warning system


Sports Massage will improve blood flow, joint range of motion and create a neurological

response - nerves more relaxed which will reduce anxiety/stress and improve sleep

Leg Injury

Most common injuries we see

Injury Zone
Best Choice


Runners Knee    Calf Strain

Hamstring Strain     Hip Flexor Strain

Achilles Tendinitis    Iliotibial Band Syndrome

Plantar Fastiitis     Shin Splints


We can help identify the injury and how to prevent, treat & recover. 7 out of 10 new runners experience an injury in the first 6 months which could be avoided with a focused training program and proper stretch and recovery regime. Most of these types of sports injuries will require soft tissue treatment to help speed up recovery.  A prescribed rehabilitation program to achieve full recovery and strengthen the area to avoid future reoccurrence. Correct diagnosis and treatment are essential to avoid a compensatory injury, some injuries take longer than others to repair and a return to activity too soon may further damage the muscles, tendons causing further pain and discomfort and a longer recovery period

Targt Your potential

Athletic Conditioning

Whether starting out or looking to reach your full potential our athletic conditioning program can be especially adapted to suit your requirements. Programs can be specifically built around your sport, and time available. We are happy to cater for groups or teams.  We can help you target the next big event or that forthcoming challenge.
Through a mixture of indoor and outdoor exercises we would be looking at developing key areas such as cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, stability, speed, power,
 general wellbeing


Our training plans have proven to get the desired results - specific, realistic 

Every training session should have a purpose!


Training Camps

Over the last ten years we have successfully delivered several annual training camps for Running, Cycling and Triathlon. These are typically held in the Springtime prior to the race season. We have several overseas destinations that fit well with our philosophy such as Mallorca, Nice or Girona. We have also had success in the UK with trips to Wales, The Peak District, Cotswolds, and Somerset. From individual to groups of 8 a be-spoke training camp can be created.

Contact Campbell for information pack 

Eat, Sleep, Train  Repeat

Women's Race

Gait Analysis

Its simple! 20 percent of runners are in the wrong shoes and injuries often occur due to this. Gait analysis can also address posture & technique issues when carried out correctly and exercises prescribed. Wearing correct running shoes can make a considerable difference to how you feel when and after you run. Injury can be avoided and performance improved


Re-leaf Pro Sport Massage  Est. 2011 

With over 30 Years multi-sports experience

Campbell Noon is a well know established sports therapist within Milton Keynes. With outstanding customer service and

a wealth of knowledge relating to sports injuries and rehabilitation. Campbell fully understands what it feels

like to be injured, having personal experience as a runner and triathlete.

The road to recovery can be a long one, so choosing the right exercises for a full recovery while

understanding anatomy & movement are crucial.

Our philosophy is simple; plan, prepare, prevent, perform our building blocks to success and achieving

your goals. All clients are treated equally, made to feel comfortable, not rushed with diligence and

understanding. We share knowledge, information and provide the necessary follow up. 

Every treatment has a one-hour window with average treatments taking 50 minutes.

Over the last ten years Campbell has worked and gained valuable experience in several sports areas:

Formula One, Royal Ballet, London Marathon, International Football,  Pro level Tennis.

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Morning Run

Open Hours

Monday 8 - 8

Tuesday 8 - 4

Wednesday 5 p.m. - 8

Thursday 8 - 8

Friday 8 - 5

Saturday 8 - 11 a.m.

Sunday  5 & 6 p.m. only

Gym Tools

Customer Satisfaction

“In mid 2020 I was recommended to Campbell by a friend for a sports massage and Gait Analysis with run technique.  In all my years of working in F1 teams Campbell's massage is the best I've felt yet, I could feel the lactic acid leave my muscles feeling fresh and ready to go the next day!


The run technique and training advice very valuable, Campbell taught me with true passion.  This has led to me running 60km a week and I'm targeting my first full marathon in 2022! I've clocked  over 1000 km running in 2021 and I've never been injured, my wellbeing much improved, I credit Campbells sessions & advice to this achievement. “


Brendon Leigh - Double World Championship F1 eSports 

“Through his knowledge, support and understanding Campbell has taken me from a total novice: having never done a triathlon, barely being able to stay upright on a bike and having never run further than 13.1 miles – to completing two full distance Ironman races, competing at the European Standard Distance championships and taking on plenty of half Iron distance races in between.


He has helped me to believe in myself, trust process and find strength and determination I never knew I had to achieve my goals. I know that when I come to Campbell with what might seem like a crazy goal, he’ll be there to help me find a way to achieve it. He strikes the perfect balance of hard work and recovery – always creating training plans that keep me motivated, get me strong and have me chomping at the bit. Taking the time to offer guidance and support when it’s needed, and of course helping me to take good care of my body through sports massage and recovery advice.

I’m so grateful to Campbell for everything he’s helped me to achieve so far – if you’re thinking of training with him, do it!

You’ll wish you’d started sooner.”


Jennifer Lucas Hill 

Current Score as @ October  2022

How satisfied with service? 5/5 current score 100% 

How likely to recommend a friend? 5/5 current score 100% 

Kerry Wilson    Simon & Ryan Kelly    Nader Zarei    Roger Hobbs   Steve Morris  Julie Loxley  Claire Burgess  


"I have had more than few sports massages and manipulation therapy over the years, none as good as this.  Highly recommended."

James Hargrave 

Really reassuring to get a detailed and accurate assessment of my injury, rather than relying on self-diagnosis via You-Tube! Thank you once again Campbell.

Stewart Ikin 

Excellent service as always – cannot recommend Campbell highly enough.

Debra Andrews

I have been to see Campbell at re-leaf for a number of years and there is a reason he has a good reputation.  He is always professional and very knowledgeable.  He explains all he is doing to ensure that you are at ease and his advise is fantastic!

Jo Watson

 Redway Runners

The most Entertaining thumbs in Milton Keynes

 Paul Cartwright

Excellent service from Campbell yet again.


Peter Rodwell   


Paul Munday

Always top class, great service,          advice and friendly excellent at what he does. Thanks Campbell

As always, my legs feel like new after seeing Campbell. Free inspirational chat included.

Chris Finister – Red Bull Racing 

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Q & A

Q. How long is the massage treatment session?

A. The session is typically 1 hour long which includes initial consultation before treatment commences.  This helps establish a more effective & beneficial outcome.  The session then ends with summary of exercises that will help recovery

Q. How should I dress?

A. Comfort, relaxation and effectiveness are the prime focus.  Shorts are often the most suitable form of dress especially if legs are to be massaged or range of movement exercises performed  

Q. What should I bring?

A. If you are a runner then it is advisable to bring along your training shoes especially if your appointment is injury related to lower back, hip, leg or foot  

Q. How frequent do I need to be treated?

A. This will depend on a number of factors and variables such as injury type and location. Or perhaps if client participates in sports event such as running, cycling or tennis on regular basis may wish to consider massage as part of their regular training

regime to avoid the risk of injury and improve performance

Q. Can I discuss appointment before booking?

A. Yes, we are more than happy to discuss appointments prior to making any commitment to book.

This may help select appropriate treatment and even prior to treatment commencing place you at ease.

Q. Can I discuss injury before booking?

A. Yes, we are more than happy to discuss injury and assist in recovery process prior to booking appointment.

 We know what it’s like to be injured and the frustration it causes, the sooner we can start the healing process

and establish road to recovery the better you will feel

Q. What time does the clinic open?

Monday to Friday 8.00 am - 8.00 pm*

*Wednesday 6 pm - 8.00 pm only  
Saturday 8.00 am - 11.00 am 
Sunday Recovery Service (
standard fee only
5.00 pm - 6.00 pm 
We come to you:

Office -  Home - Outdoor


Q. Can I have evening appointment?

A. Evening appointments are available during most days of the week, check online booking 

or call 07896 583297 we are happy to accommodate

Q. I just want a pre-race massage is this something you can do?

A. Pre event massage is one of our specialised fields. We can ensure you of quality and assist in optimising performance for race day.

Q. I have painful muscles what should I do?

A. Initial action should be to ice if there is any inflammation or heat being felt from injured area.  If pain causes discomfort after ice and period of rest
stop any planned activities if possible and seek professional advice

Pricing List

Price List


We No Longer Offer Club Discount

We have decided to maintain a lower List Price for ALL

All treatments are on the hour with a one hour turn-a-round.
Average treatment time 47 minutes

Sports Massage £42

Pre or Post Event, Deep Tissue, Pin-Point soft tissue release

Sports Injury £42

Injury Assessment, treatment, corrective advice, & rehabilitation program

Seven treatments of choice - validity one year can be shared

                        PREVENTION £400                         
Twelve treatments of choice - validity one year can be shared

 VIP access to Saturday & Sunday's

Urgent appointments available.

Payment is online in advance

No payment No Appointment 
40 33 33
4114 0108

C S Noon

Cancellation Policy
Once appointment confirmed you need to provide 24 hours notice, or a 50% fee will be
applied. If you cancel and reschedule
no cancellation fee will be applied.


07896 583 297

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